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My name is Robbie Jenkins.
I am a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).
I am fully insured and have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. I am dedicated to offering an independent, professional service.

At Royston Driving School, our aim is to offer a client centred approach to teach you to drive, instilling confidence in learners at all stages, with lessons tailored to suit you so you can progress at your own pace.
We can assure you that the learning process will be enjoyable but most importantly, safe.

Royston Driving School offers free, flexible pick up and drop off from your home or work.

Royston Driving School is available 7 days a week and offers competitively priced manual and automatic driving lessons to suit both your availability and budget.

Manual Lessons

Royston Driving School

At the Royston Driving School you will be starting your driving career in the Audi A1 Sportback 1.6 Tdi, with dual controls for your complete peace of mind.
This vehicle was chosen for its prestigious reputation and a number of important factors.

The new A1 has a number of efficient technologies that ensure the car uses less fuel and wastes less energy and releases less CO2 which means the A1 meets the highest EU emission standards.

The vehicle benefits from ABS (Anti locking Braking System), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), numerous airbags, adaptive brake lights and secondary collision brake system.

Vehicle supplied by AMI Vehicle Leasing Ltd Amivl.co.uk

Automatic Lessons

For your automatic lessons at Royston Driving School, you will start your driving career in a Toyota Yaris Cross with a high driving position and spacious interior. The Yaris Cross blends high ground clearance with compact dimensions ideally suited to busy urban streets.

Driving Lessons

To arrange your driving lesson, please complete the form below or call us directly on either:
07825 003796 or 07709 719451

Payment will be taken at the beginning of the lesson. We accept cash or BACS transfer. We do not offer a credit facility and lessons will not be undertaken if payment is not made.
See terms and conditions for further details.

Standard Lesson
1 ½ Hour

This is the standard Pay As You Go price for driving tuition with Royston Driving School. Payment will be taken at the beginning of each lesson and lessons are booked on a week-by-week basis.

Pre-paid Lessons
7 ½ Hours

The hourly rate that we offer for those who wish to pre-book, are 5 x 1 ½ hour lessons. The lessons must be paid in full at the time of booking and can be taken any time in a 6 month period from the time of initial booking.

Motorway Lesson
2 Hours

This lesson is designed for those that have either recently passed their test and wish to be introduced to motorway driving or for those that are nervous on fast roads. We will take you through all the safety techniques needed to drive on the motorway network to open up a world of possibilities.


Pre-Paid 5 x 1 ½ Hour Lessons

The hourly rate that we offer for those that wish to pre book, are 5 x 1 ½ hour lessons. The lessons must be paid in full at the time of booking and can be taken any time in a 6 month period from the time of initial booking.

Areas We Cover

We cover approx a 12 mile radius around Royston.

If you live or work in these areas, then let Royston Driving School be your choice for driving tuition.
If you are just outside these areas, give us a call or contact us using the contact form below and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.


Charlie Curtis passes

Congratulations on passing your practical driving test.

Charlie Curtis
Mollie Cook Passes

Robbie was fantastic

My experience of learning to drive with Robbie was fantastic. Whilst I had my moments, he dealt with me calmly and professionally. I felt at ease learning with him, he taught me about the different parts of the car and what i needed to do to ensure a smooth and safe journey, he explains everything in a professional and simple manner and will answer any questions you might have, however silly you may think it is!

I have recommended Robbie to my sister as she will be driving next year and to a few of my friends, he is excellent and will guide you through the process of learning to drive with ease!

Mollie Cook
Heather Grant Passes

I would highly recommend Robbie Jenkins

I can’t thank you enough Robbie for getting me to the point of passing my test. I would highly recommend Robbie Jenkins as a great driving instructor especially as I was very nervous and had no confidence when I started, but now thanks to your patience and determination I have not only passed but enjoy driving.

Heather Grant
Ethan Day Passes

Excellent driving instructor

Robbie has been an excellent driving instructor as he has lessons planned well and will adjust if necessary to make the
student comfortable and advance at a speed they need to. He is also a very nice and friendly instructor and someone I would

Ethan Day
Scott Batchelor Passes!

100% Recommended

Thank you so much Robbie you fully prepared me for driving test, allowing me to pass 1st time with only 3 minors.
I would 100% recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Scott Batchelor
Rhys Westbury Passes!

Highly Recommended

Robbie is a fantastic driving instructor. I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Would highly recommend as he helped me build my confidence in driving and sail though my driving test.
Thanks again Robbie

Rhys Westbury
Thapelo Kobe

Would highly recommend.

Learning to drive with Robbie was a great experience. Every week we has a lesson planned and knew exactly what we wanted to aim for at the end of the lesson. I saw constant progress, week by week, in my confidence and driving ability with Robbie’s support. He was always patient and unnerving. Thanks to him, I passed with a couple of minors.

Thapelo Kobe
Ryan Judge

Learning to drive with Robbie has been a great experience. Lessons are always well planned and enjoyable, and Robbie is very patient when things aren’t always going to plan. I would certainly recommend Royston Driving School for anyone looking to learn. After struggling with a previous instructor, Robbie helped me to pass with 0 minors!

Ryan Judge
Erin Nicholson Passes!

Robbie has been a great teacher…

Robbie has been a great teacher and prepared me well for my driving test. He listened to what i wanted to practice and had well planned lessons with apps on his iPad to help explain things. He was very understanding that I worked shifts and always managed to fit me in on my days off. And I passed first time!!

Erin Nicholson
Lena Dixon passed

Robbie has been incredible throughout my entire time learning to drive. He was able to accommodate lessons around my work commitments which was super helpful! His support and knowledge built my confidence and ultimately allowed me to pass! I couldn’t recommend Royston Driving School enough!
Thanks you so much!

Lena Dixon
Liam Long Passes!
I will be recommending him to anyone who asks!

Royston Driving School is definitely one to go with, whether you’re just starting to learn or have some experience I would recommend them! I came to Robbie after not getting on with my first driving instructor and found him a lot easier to be taught by. Robbie is a very nice guy and one thing that puts him above others is that he genuinely cares about
his students. He is very easy to get on with, I managed to pass after just 14 lessons.

Liam Long
Conor Browne Passes!

Robbie is a great driving instructor…
Robbie is a great driving instructor and has his lessons really well planned out. I didn’t get on with my first driving instructor but after choosing Royston Driving School and learning with Robbie, I felt much more comfortable on the road.
Robbie explains things in a really calm and professional way. I would definitely recommend Royston Driving School to anyone learning to drive.
Thank you!

Conor Browne
Rhys Redrup Passes!

I would recommend anyone in the local area to learn to drive with Robbie. Thank you!

A big thank you to Robbie Jenkins from Royston Driving School for teaching me how to become a safe and more confident driver. He is very patient when a mistake was made which made driving lessons much easier. I passed in Bishop Stortford with 0 minors and now love driving.

Rhys Redrup
Sophie Hills Passes!

I would highly recommend Royston Driving School!

Robbie is easy to get along with, he helped me build my confidence with driving. From this I managed to pass first time. If you are someone who is unsure about whether to start driving, I would highly recommend Royston Driving School!

Sophie Hills
Jessie Boorman Passes

10/10 for quality teaching and service!

I had been putting off learning to drive since I was 17 and could never imagine passing my test, but Robbie helped me gain the skill and confidence and I passed on my first time! I’m so pleased that I chose Royston Driving School.

Jessie Boorman
Adam Castle Passes

Professional, friendly and an all round great guy

Thanks to Robbie’s teaching and advice, I passed my driving test first time. Professional, friendly and an all round great guy, Robbie would definitely be my recommendation for a new driver.

Adam Castle
Adam Davis Passes!

He is the ultimate professional!

I had no experience of driving before I sat in a car with Robbie. He is easy to get on with and explains everything in a very clear and understanding way. He is the ultimate professional. I passed my test with one minor, which is a reflection of the excellent teaching I received.

Adam Davis
Rhys Wilkinson Passes!

Fantastic, supportive and professional driving instruction.

Robbie is a great driving instructor with super patience who always explains clearly what you need to do to help you develop and improve your driving skills. He continually tutored me throughout in an encouraging way and helped me gain my confidence.
Thank you so much for all your guidance, support and getting me to the point of passing my test. I would highly recommend Robbie for a new driver.

Rhys Wilkinson
Alfie Massmann-Brown Passes!

Would 100% recommend him to anyone learning to drive!

Passed my driving test first time with Royston Driving School. Robbie is an excellent teacher who is very patient and
gives great advice with any problems you may have when learning.

Can’t thank Robbie enough for his patience and determination to get my son through his driving test. Highly recommend him to

Alfie Massmann-Brown
Olivia Jensen Passes!

Highly Recommended!

I’ve been trying to pass my test for the last 5 years, I’ve had 2 different instructors previous to Robbie and took 3 tests with long breaks in between with no luck. Robbie took me on and put all my bad habits right and made me a confident driver. He has so much patience and got me test ready within a matter of a few months.
Can’t thank him enough for finally getting me through that last hurdle!

Olivia Jensen
Matthew Juggins Passes

I really can’t speak highly enough of Robbie. He’s supportive, flexible and gives expert guidance with clarity and patience. He’s also a very friendly, fun person to sit in a car with, great at putting you at ease! I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.

Matthew Juggins
James Lee Passes!

I would highly recommend his services

Robbie is a funny and understanding instructor. He finds a way to keep you going through setbacks and was very patient throughout my learning experience.

James Lee
Sophie Dodds Passes

Thank you Robbie

Robbie is a great instructor as I found him to be extremely funny and very supportive. By being able to create a good level of trust between him and I, I felt I progressed well and really enjoyed my time learning to drive. Robbie also uses visual apps on the iPad to explain how to do things which I found really helpful and a great way to ease you in gently.
Thank you Robbie.

Sophie Dodds
Sam Barnett Passes!

I couldn’t recommend Royston driving school enough.

Robbie is an extremely talented and friendly driving instructor. He is able to pick out the smallest of flaws in your driving, point them out and explain how to improve without knocking your confidence or making you feel like you’re doing something wrong.
Royston driving school demonstrates a very advanced technique in teaching you to learn and master manoeuvres, Robbie ensures that you are not under any unnecessary pressure and walks you through, step by step how a manoeuvre should be best completed. He teaches safe and proper technique while letting you take your own time in learning.
His knowledge of the areas in which you are likely to do your test is brilliant. And you will soon become familiar and confident with the area and your driving. Furthermore, Royston Driving School uses social media platforms as an additional platform for learning, in which he constantly updates all his students using social media with important information, driving techniques, tips and guidance.
I took around 30 hours of lessons with Robbie before passing my test first time at Letchworth with only two minor faults. After learning to drive with Royston driving school I feel confident I can safely get behind the wheel of a car own my own.

If you are looking to learn to drive or are looking for a safe, friendly and reliable driving instructor for your children, I couldn’t recommend Royston driving school enough.

Sam Barnett
Chloe Lewington Passes!

I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs an instructor!

Thank you Robbie for being such a patient and understanding instructor and taking your time to help me pass my test I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you again.

Chloe Lewington
James Keane Passes

10/10 gent, definitely choose Robbie!!

After struggling to get on with my previous instructor, I was lucky enough to find Robbie at Royston Driving School.
Robbie is an outstanding tutor who is easy to talk to and most helpful in any given situation. If it wasn’t for Robbie being as competent, knowledgeable
and patient as he is, I would not be the confident driver I am today. Thank you so much for all of your advice, guidance and help! 10/10 gent,
definitely choose Robbie!!

James Keane
Harriet Bender Passes

I would have no hesitation in recommending Robbie in teaching you to drive.

Learning to drive is an important life skill so it was important to me to choose the right driving instructor. Right from the start, Robbie told me “we’re in this together” …. and we were!<br>
Robbie always answered my questions thoroughly and was reassuring and patient. Robbie’s knowledge and experience as an instructor is invaluable in teaching you to drive competently and safely.

Harriet Bender
Craig Ohlsson Passes

Professional with good chat!

My time with Robbie was not straightforward starting and stopping with lockdown rules but his leadership and teaching was able to build up my driving skills to the point I felt confident and if not, work on what was needed to get me to that point.
Each lesson was different and the chat was great which could allow you to relax in an environment you might not feel you can when learning.
Then, this year was a different story with some personal circumstances not allowing me to have my lessons or focus when I did. With a test date set, we worked out a 5 week plan to get me to the point of passing and it worked !!! I do believe I would have quit but for the professionalism and reassurance I received from Robbie.

Craig Ohlsson

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